To use the C-Protect Air®, your equipment must be correctly attached and adjusted to ensure that the vest deploys in the event of a fall. For this, you are provided with an adjustable saddle strap that must be hooked over the stirrup bars. The carabiner on the vest’s lanyard is then clipped onto the adjustable saddle strap.

The adjustable saddle strap is fitted with a D-ring, which the lanyard carabiner clips onto, and two adjustable loops that hook over the stirrup bars.


1 – Hook the loops over the stirrup bars

Hook the loops at each end of the saddle strap over the stirrup bars on either side of your saddle.


2 – Adjust the strap

Adjust the saddle strap so that the D-ring is at the centre of the saddle’s pommel. This will make it easier to adjust your C-Protect Air® in the next step. C-Protect Air® à The next step.


3 – Adjust the length

The distance between the vest and the saddle must be adjusted to ensure that the C-Protect Air® deploys when needed. To do this, put your airbag vest on and mount your horse. Clip the lanyard onto the saddle strap’s D-ring using the carabiner and ensure that the tension in the lanyard is sufficient.

The elastic lanyard must be taut when the rider is standing up in the stirrups with their legs straight. This ensures that the rider has sufficient ease of movement while riding but that the airbag will be triggered and effectively deployed in the event of an accident.

If there is too much or too little tension in the lanyard, adjust the height of the saddle strap’s D-ring to shorten or lengthen the distance using the adjustable loops. This will increase or decrease the tension in the lanyard to match your body stature.

After carefully following these steps, simply clip the vest’s lanyard carabiner onto the saddle strap’s D-ring and you are ready to ride, safe in the knowledge that you are protected by the C-Protect Air®. Don’t forget to detach the carabiner before dismounting.

Any questions? Please view our FAQ on the C-Protect Air® and its components. FAQ concernant le C-Protect Air® et ses composants.


Rappel: Remember, If you have any doubts over the integrity of the vest, after a fall for example, take it to your retailer to check that it can be reset, or contact our after-sales service. To reset the trigger after it has been deployed, visually inspect the exterior of the vest, then follow these steps:  SAV.

1 – Access the trigger

To access the trigger, undo the zip on the inside of the front right-hand side of the vest.


2 – Unscrew the cap

Use the Allen key provided wih your C-Protect Air® vest (Allen key 5) to unscrew the cap until the piston is aligned with the slot for the elastic lanyard’s key ball.


3 – Insert the key ball

Once the piston is lined up, you can insert the key ball into the slot.  elastic strap in its location.


4 – Screw the cap back on

Tholding the key ball in place, screw the cap back on as far as it will go to compress the spring against the piston, held in place by the key ball. Ensure that the piston stays in the correct position while following this procedure. Make sure that the lanyard you are attaching corresponds with the vest.


5 – Change the pierced gas canister

The trigger mechanism is now reset. All you have to do now is replace the used, empty gas canister with a new canister. The new canister is fitted with a sealed lid which the piston will pierce when triggered.


6 – Thread the lanyard

You can now thread the lanyard and its carabiner through the opening provided, from inside to outside, and adjust as necessary.


7 – Close the trigger compartment

Now zip up the pocket that contains the trigger system. Your C-Protect Air® is reset and ready to use.

Votre C-Protect Air® est réarmé et prêt à l’emploi.


Any questions? Please view our FAQ FAQ on the C-Protect Air® and its components.